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In 2015, we had a wonderfully fruitful time of ministry, spending more than a month in Kenya between two trips, February and November 2017. The Lord has opened the door for us to return to Kenya this year, in October 2017!

​There us a great hunger among the Kenyan pastors and people to learn and grow in their faith, and this is what the Lord has called us to be a part of. in 2015 we visited seven districts and presented nearly sixty teachings and messages! Many were blessed!

​In 2015 we had the opportunity to share the gospel with a group of Maasai elders from a village which doesn't know Jesus. They responded to the message very positively and have asked that a church be established in their village! See some pictures (right).

​We also brought many several dozen study Bibles and other Christian literature to help our Kenyan brethren as they carry out their ministries. Our job is to come alongside them and help them grow deeper in their understanding of the Word of God. The Kenyan people highly respect education, so it is a great privilege to be asked to return and help them grow as disciples of Jesus!

​We have received many invitations to return to Kenya, so we have put together a team to go in October of this year. Once again, we will be visiting six districts and holding two-day seminars for pastors and their spouses. This is a special time when we can just pour into these wonderful church leaders, to help equip and disciple them in their own walk with Jesus. No matter where we live, no matter what our station in life, every follower of Jesus needs to be in a continual pattern of spiritual growth and discipleship. We are going to Kenya to help our brethren grow, deepen and develop their walk with Jesus!

​Please prayerfully consider standing with us financially as we return to Kenya. Kenya is a largely impoverished nation, so we must finance every aspect of our trip. We must also provide funds to feed the 50-100 pastors and spouses who will attend each of the two-day seminars. We will be ministering to a total of 300-600 pastors and spouses!

​Please prayerfully consider giving toward this important ministry! You can donate securely through PayPal by clicking the button on the upper right!

Kenya - October 2017

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