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I have the greatest respect for Pastor Chelimo because he left a lucrative job in the private sector to plant this church. Like many churches, they struggle financially because the people they minister to are financially destitute. Nevertheless, Pastor Chelimo and his wife Risilla minister selflessly. Most evenings they have a sizable number of teen aged children show up at their home, hoping for a meal and they never leave hungry! Please pray for the Lord's blessing on this church!

I had the wonderful privilege of preaching at a church in Kisumu city where the missionaries hosting me live. The church I preached in is called a "slum church" because it is quite literally located in one of the slums of Kisumu. This church is called "Siany" which means "Swamp" or "Swampy place" because it is built on a filled in swamp. The pastor and his wife are wonderful people with a heart for children. The physical and spiritual needs in the neighborhood of the church are great!

The missionary who was accompanying my negotiated our stay at the exquisite Kilima Camp. He was able to negotiate for me a rate that was half of what I would have had to pay had I set up my own accommodations! What a wonderful blessing! My first morning there, a giraffe walked within feet of my tent! Please enjoy!

After four days straight of intensive ministry, we had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day at the Maasai Mara Reserve in Narok, Kenya. The Maasai Mara is an absolutely breathtaking wedge of our Lord's amazing creation. It is my pleasure to share with you some pictures and video of our day spent on the Maasai Mara.

While I was in Kenya back in February, I had the wonderful opportunity to minister to two groups of pastors and their spouses in two townships in western Kenya. The majority of my ministry for the two, 2-day seminars I did was on the Feasts of Israel. These seminars took place in the townships of Kakamega and Kisii. I also ministered at a "slum church" in the city of Kisumu.

It was such a wonderful time, and I was told more than once that those attending the seminars had never heard such teachings. It was such a delight to bring these wonderful truths to those who had never heard them and to see how joyfully they received them!

The Lord opened a door in a most unexpected fashion for our ministry to have an impact in the nation of Kenya. A contact through our website ended up in a wonderful opportunity for us to work with a missionary couple who have been ministering in Kenya for more than 25 years!

This page is dedicated entirely to our ministry in Kenya. Please take time to view the pictures and videos from my trip to Kenya in February. You will also see information about my upcoming trip in November when I will be returning to Kenya!

Kenya Ministry

We has people donate to send in some very special study bibles called the FIRE Global Study Edition Bible and I brought as many as I could carry in my luggage! We gave the bibles to our host pastors, attending pastors and bible school students. Our prayer is that in November, we will be able to bring another shipment of these study bibles and bless many more pastors and ministry students!

Visit to the Maasai Manyatta (villages)

We were very delighted to learn that both villages we visited were Christian. While some Maasai still practice female "circumcision" we were encouraged to learn that these Maasai no longer do. One of the villages had also stopped the practice of polygamy, while the other still practiced this. Nevertheless, the Lord is bringing about wonderful transformations!

After spending a day on safari on the Maasai Mara Reserve, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit a couple of Maasai "Manyatta" (village). The Maasai are one of the few tribes in Kenya who still live a largely traditional lifestyle. The Maasai are herdsmen who raise cattle, sheep and goats. The Maasai men are responsible for protection of the village, building and maintaining the fences around the villages and tending to the herds.

Some of these children are sponsored through Compassion, or they have guardians who care for them. However, of the 325 children who Siany minister to throughout the week, more than 200 are in great need. The cup of porridge you will see them being served is, for many of these children, the only sustenance they will have for the day.

This porridge is a recipe which Missionary Thompson was able to secure for Siany. It is a blend of 17 grains, seeds etc. which gives the children enough nutrition for a day. Before they had this recipe, they were losing children monthly to malnutrition.

Coming from a nation of such wealth, serving these children this meager cup of porridge was one of the most heart rending things I have ever done. It costs Siany $1 per week per child to give them the porridge, which they can't always do because they don't have enough money.

These are just some of the pastors and ministry students who received FIRE Global Study Edition Bibles!

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Ministering at Siany Church in Kisumu City

Teaching In Western Kenya

Ministering at Siany Child Development Center

in Kisumu City

Visit to the Maasai Mara Reserve

During the week, Siany church becomes Siany Child Development Center where they provide education and ministry for 325 children! Many of these children are orphaned due to the AIDS epidemic in Kenya, the post-election violence stemming from the 2007 presidential election. The post-election violence killed upwards of 3,000 people, displaced as much as 1/2 million leaving multitudes of children orphaned.

I was privileged to spend a day ministering to the children at the Siany  CDC as well as observing the simply wonderful job the teachers did. There are about six teachers, a few assistants in addition to Sister Risilla who is the director. I was shocked to learn that most weeks these dedicated teachers are not paid, yet they continue to teach and minister to these beautiful children! 

That which lies at the core of this ministry is our calling to "equip the saints for the work of ministry". So in addition to the teachings we provided in Kenya, we also brought in as many study bibles as we could. Our goal is to provide the pastors we minister to with a resource which will help them as they study God's Word and minister to their congregations.

To equip the saints for the work of ministry...